Whitfield County Assessment Security Plan
Posted On:
Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Assessment Security Policy and Procedures Plan sets forth the test security policies, procedures, and responsibilities that the Whitfield County Schools (WCS) has established for the district's assessment program.  Online test administration requires the delivery of very detailed information that differs from the training that most are familiar with (for paper/pencil testing).  Additionally, it may require the inclusion of staff members who were not included in trainings before - such as technology specialists, online tests coordinators, etc.)  It is intended for use by all WCS personnel, as appropriate.  This plan includes several items taken directly from the 2015-2016 Georgia Department of Education's Student Assessment Handbook (GaDOE SAH) with enhancements for WCS.  The language and procedures set forth in the WCS Security Plan do not supersede any requirements in the GaDOE SAH.

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